As a board certified dermatologist I recommend a few products for my clients aging. A slip® silk pillowcase is my number 1 recommendation.

I LOVE my slip® sleep mask as the final step in my wind down ritual. The beautifully-soft silk reduces the friction and stretching of my facial skin throughout the night, ultimately helping to avoid facial creasing.


I love these slipsilk™ scrunchies. I literally have them in every single pocket of every jacket I own, every purse, every bag, next to my bed. They’re the perfect accessory, and they’re so cute!

I love using slip® scrunchies because in my experience they hold the hair really well without leaving a crease and there are playful colors and sizes. I also appreciate that there’s a scrunchie for every hair type and length.

Glen Coco

Celebrity Hair Stylist & slip® Brand Ambassador.

Slipsilk™ products are my ultimate beauty sleep accessory.