Silk Scrunchies Are Here

The ’90s are back, but everyone already knew that...

Slip’s new silk scrunchies encompass the best of fashion from the memorable decade.

The scrunchies look as if Kate Moss's silky slip dresses were cut up
then ruched into the perfect hair accessory...

Best of all, as with all Slip products, the scrunchies are made with mulberry silk.

These are high-brow and highly enjoyable alternatives to

generic elastics that wind around hair and are a pain to take out.

The gentle fabric also makes ponytail indents less likely to happen.

The scrunchies come in a few sizes. There’s the classic large size that would look at home on Boy Meets World’s Topanga Lawrence, and a skinnier, more discreet size.

The skinnier one is almost hair-tie-width and is a more realistic and manageable size for shorter hair. The baby pink, champagne, and black colors provide a modern update to the accessory. If the thought of wearing these in public makes you want to say, “You’re totally buggin’” then could just wear them at night to keep your hair in order while you sleep.

The skinny scrunchies come in packs of six — one pack is all black, while the other has two of each color. The large scrunchies come in packs of three — one pack has three black scrunchies, while the other has one of each.

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